Note-For-Note Transcriptions

For authentic note-for-note transcriptions we need your music either as a recording (CD, cassette etc.) or as a computer-file (MP3, MIDI-File etc.).
If you want the lyrics printed, we need you to send the text.


The Prices

Tune Pop/Rock up to 4 minutes

chords   €19

lead melody + chords:   €38

with lyrics (lead sheet):   €56

Lead Sheet Jazz (lead melody + chords):   from €56

Extra charge per each additional minute


note-for-note transcription piano (price per second)

easy:   €0.5€/second

average:   €1.0€/second

difficult:   €1.5€/second

very difficult:   €2.0€/second

repeated passages will not be charged

We also offer jazz analysis’ of chords or voicings to moderate prices. Chord symbols: from €19 per jazz tune. For detailed piano voicings see above (original transcriptions piano).

If you need also the prices of other instruments, solo parts, scores etc., we can offer  you an exact price.

All prices plus 7% surplus tax

All prices include a no mistake guarantee

Individual Transcriptions

Note-For-Note Transcriptions







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[Individual Transcriptions]
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